Deemo Is Apple S- Free App of the Week VIDEO

There's a soft spot in our heart for rhythm games, and we're sure that Deemo, announced for the PS Vita, will be no exception. Originally released on iOS, you play along to piano music, matching the keys on the screen as if replicating playing the real thing.

Playing as the silent protagonist Deemo, he ends up becoming friends with a small girl after she suddenly falls into his lonely world of music. The plot itself slowly unveils in a subtle way as a special tree grows while you continue to play music, earning you clips as you reach certain landmarks. The relationship between the two characters is subtler still, as their interactions are symbolized via the pictures accompanying the song list. With a plot and artwork that our own Ben Potter would most likely describe as 'charming' in an equally mellow voice, it's a sweet relaxing game, atypical to most up beat titles on the market. Don't be expecting classical sonnets, though, as it features a more modern soundtrack featuring talented artists such as T.K and Mili [seriously, check them out - Ed.]. Just how the title will adapt to the smaller Vita screen, however, is yet to be seen.

Are you interested in exploring this musical endeavour, or have you even been lucky enough to play it yourself already? Compose you piece in the comments section below.