It's party time

Well, the ordeal is finally over — Minecraft PlayStation 4 Edition is available right now on the European PlayStation Store, while it's promised for release on the North American store at some point today.

As you may already know, yesterday's store update's apparent lack of Mojang's title had many in an uproar after it was all but confirmed to be there by PlayStation France. Thankfully, the Twitter account wasn't completely wrong in that the release dug its way online late last night.

Anyway, the wait is over, and the best part is that you can get the PS4 edition for much less if you already own the game on PS3. For Europeans, the next-gen version will only set you back €3.99/£3.69 if you have Minecraft PS3 on disc or digitally. Meanwhile, North Americans can nab the title for $4.99 under the same deal.

It sounds like a reasonable price for an upgrade to us, but we daresay some of you would be willing to pay in full just to finally live out your block-filled life on Sony's newest console. Have you already hit the download button? Breath a sigh of relief in the comments section below.