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Let's be honest: the loot system in Destiny is broken. Bungie's latest big thing may be beautiful, but no one cares how good it looks when you can't find the gear that you want — even if you've spent several hours shooting into a void in the hope of finding something worthwhile. Fortunately, upon the discovery of another so-called 'loot cave', the developer has announced that it will, at least, be making changes to the engram system in order to make it a little less infuriating.

For those out of the loop, engrams are pickups which can be decoded into random items. However, regardless of the rarity of these goodies, in the game's current guise, there's a possibility that you may not nab gear on par with them. That will change with next week's 1.0.2 patch, as the update will ensure that engrams always decode into weapons or armour at the same rarity or above their denoted standing. Unfortunately, this will only apply to engrams nabbed after the patch has been installed.

There's no word on these drops becoming more frequent during general play, but there will be more opportunities to earn them; Daily Heroics, Weekly Heroics, and Vanguard: Tiger playlists will all dish out legendary and rare items now — and at least you know that they'll actually be turned into something useful when all's said and done.

There are a bunch of other very minor tweaks listed on Bungie's official website, but these are the big ones for now. Are you satisfied with these changes, or do you still feel that the developer has big issues to address? Kick the Cryptarch in the comments section below.

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