Slender Man

If you haven't heard of internet horror legend Slender Man, then you've probably been living under a rock. With reaction videos all over the internet, and even Halloween outfits witnessed in this particular author's small village, we reckon that this makes the creepy tall dude more famous than the Candy Man. For the first time on Sony consoles, you'll be able to discover what the big fuss is about with Slender: The Arrival, which is due to launch on the PlayStation 3 on the 28th September.

You'll find yourself wandering through a forest, following clues that you discover to uncover a sinister mystery. You're not alone, though, as Slender Man is always on your tail, his presence only noted with eerie noises and a distorted screen. However, we'll have to see if it still holds up its reputation in the scare department now that Hideo Kojima has joined in on the fun.

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