Look at him go

We hope that you're ready for a little Sackboy taster before the release of LittleBigPlanet 3, because the cuddly little mascot is bringing some endless runner action the your nearest handheld.

Run SackBoy! Run! is free-to-play, so there won't be much stopping you from downloading this inevitably cute adventure. You'll also be able to nab a handful of exclusive costumes for use in the upcoming PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 sequel, too.

There'll even be leaderboards, so that you can shame your friends as you obliterate their high score. It actually sounds like a fun concept, especially when you consider the kooky worlds that the franchise if famous for. The bite sized game is heading to Vita, iOS, and Android devices this October, but does it sound like something that you'd run with? Screech to a halt in the comments section below.

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