Disgame-a sounds good

If you feel like the PlayStation 4 is a bit lacking when it comes to tactical RPGs, never fear, as the always solid Disgaea franchise will soon be hitting Sony's super system. Officially announced during the platform holder's pre-TGS conference, there is very little known about the new title, except that it exists.

However, we did get this tantalising new teaser trailer. We're using the word 'tantalising' loosely, of course, because the clip is essentially useless, and really gives us nothing to go on. For the uninitiated, this will be the first title in the venerated franchise since 2011's Disgaea 4, as well as its inaugural outing on next-gen consoles.

Oh, and as with all of the news coming out of the Tokyo Game Show today, no western release dates have been officially confirmed. So while we wait, let us know what you think about this new Disgaea title in the comments section below.

[source au.ign.com]