Guacamelee STCE

We absolutely loved Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition despite the fact that typing out its full title is an absolute pain in the bum. With slick platforming, satisfying combat, and a vibrant world, DrinkBox Studios' spicy adventure was great from start to finish, but what if we told you that your impressive 100% save file wasn't quite impressive enough?

Indeed, our friends over at Pure Xbox managed to squeeze some juicy secret content out of the game regarding a secret room. The team's level designer, Jason Canam, has been taking to his Twitter account for some time now in order to boast about his rather intriguing 101% save file. As it turns out, discovering the aforementioned secret room will bump your file up that precious one percent.

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We won't spoil the surprise here, but feel free to head on over to Pure Xbox's feature on the whole thing before trying it out for yourself. Are you ready and able to go beyond 100%? Flex your muscles in the comments section below.