"That's right, now we need to scan this"

With thousands of cocky whippersnappers to crush in the Crucible and more clothing options than a celebrity’s walk-in wardrobe, Destiny will keep you occupied for hundreds of hours if you enjoy its unique take on the first-person shooter format. However, if you’re just looking to see the story through, you may be eager to learn just how long the title will take you to beat. And the word according to a few bleary eyed Guardians is approximately ten hours.

In fact, one soldier expressed disappointment at the length of the campaign on a fan forum, noting that even though they didn’t rush through the narrative, they felt that the release got a bit repetitive in places, with many samey missions padding out the already fairly slender running time. Of course, while it doesn’t excuse the above issues, Bungie’s latest is very much designed around co-operative play, with Strikes and Raids designed to keep you coming back long after the credits roll.

Do you think that ten hours is a decent length for the primary narrative, or were you hoping for a bit more meat from what is very much being billed as an epic sci-fi story? Scream expletives at the Traveller in the comments section below.

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