It's just good advice, really

Developer Klei Entertainment has recently announced that Don't Starve: Giant Edition - the compilation containing both the original game and its expansion - will be coming to the PlayStation Vita on 3rd September. When an opportunistic fan on Twitter asked wether the title would be cross-buy, the answer was a resounding affirmative.

"It's still cross-buy," the studio said. "But we obviously appreciate the support if you grab the expansion on PS4!" Importantly, this means that if you picked up the title for free when it was offered through PlayStation Plus, you'll now be able to download it on Vita for nothing. However, due to some technical mumbo-jumbo that we don't really understand, the strategic stunner unfortunately won't be cross-play, which means that you'll need to have a separate save file for your portable system.

Are you excited to relive Don't Starve on Sony's handheld darling, or is your hunger suitably satiated? Grab a bite to eat in the comments section below.