Eyes on the ball

HB Studios’ hotly anticipated The Golf Club will putt a place on the PlayStation 4 next week in North America, the Canadian developer has announced. The simulation will set you back a relatively steep $34.99 when it rolls onto the green on 26th August. Those of you in Europe will have to wait a little while longer for the caddy to arrive, as the firm states that it’s 95 per cent sure of a 3rd September launch overseas.

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Seeing as EA Sports’ own PGA Tour is staying in the clubhouse until next year, this represents your first opportunity to hit the links on Sony’s next-gen machine. In addition to a full single player campaign and the ability to play against your friends even when they’re offline, this title also includes a comprehensive course editor, allowing you to hone your landscape architecture skills. Are you looking forward to this? Hit us with your best club in the comments section below.

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