It's probably easier to stay sober in real life

Even those who haven't played a minute of Watch Dogs may have heard about its infamous drinking minigame, especially if you frequent popular gaming forums. The incredibly tedious optional activity has long been the bane of many a Platinum Trophy hunter, purely because of the awkward nature in which you need to press and match buttons within a time limit without full control over your analog sticks.

Thankfully, protagonist Aiden Pearce will no longer have to vent his rage by going on a killing spree, as a newly released patch has lowered the difficulty of the minigame to make it more manageable. If you've already endured the activity, though, this won't be much of a consolation, but fortunately, the update also tweaks a number of other gameplay elements.

First off, those who have completed the main story now have the option to replay gang hideout and convoy missions, which should make post-game Chicago feel a little more entertaining. On top of that, you can now choose to jump into a friend's game for a bit of hacking fun, which will hopefully result in at least a few stand out moments of hilarity.

As you'd expect, a couple of bug fixes are included as well, along with some new punishments for players who are fond of disconnecting from multiplayer matches. If you're eager for more details, you can peruse the full change list by clicking through here, but are you still wandering the streets of the windy city, or have you had your fill of Aiden's depressing attire? Order another round in the comments section below.

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