"Blows my mind that so many of you have bought this"

Borderlands 2 is an enjoyable enough game, but let’s not try and pretend that its obnoxious brand of humour is anywhere close to being comical. Annoying characters and even more irritating voice acting aside, though, the title has now shipped over 10 million copies, which means that a significant portion of people have reached for their television remote’s mute button every time that Tiny Tina speaks.

That puts the franchise up to 18 million units total, which has overlord Take Two hopeful that the upcoming Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel will further that success. Of course, it’s not being made by Gearbox and is skipping next-gen systems, so we all know that that’s unlikely to be the case. “We have a lot of faith in the Borderlands franchise,” president Karl Slatoff told investors optimistically. “There's still a huge install base of consumers, [and] Borderlands is beloved.”

The game’s due out on 14th October in North America and 17th October in Europe, which is right in between Alien: Isolation and Far Cry 4. Look, we don’t wish failure upon any title, but we really think that this spin-off has its work cut out. Fortunately, the publisher’s been openly mooting a next-gen port of late, so don’t be surprised if it makes the jump sometime early next year. Are you clamouring for more loot and shoot action? Shrug your shoulders in the comments section below.

[source joystiq.com]