Protect the planet

The PlayStation Vita is a pretty nifty piece of tech, but it is woefully lacking when it comes to giant robots. That shouldn't be a problem for much longer, though, as a recent report from Gematsu suggests that fondly remembered PlayStation 2 title Earth Defence Force 2 will soon be ported to the handheld. What's more, it's supposedly scheduled to hit Japanese store shelves this November.

The game was actually rereleased on the PlayStation Portable many moons ago, so this convenient conversion certainly makes sense. Apparently this new version will include prettier graphics, as well as a more robust online mode. Unfortunately, the report doesn't include any information pertaining to a western release, so wether or not we actually ever see this title remains very much up in the air. At any rate, we think the bombastic shooter is a perfect fit for the beleaguered handheld.

Would you play Earth Defence Force 2 on Vita, or will you be too busy fighting your way through the portable's upcoming exclusive title Freedom Wars? Scream and shout in the comments section below.

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