"Let's hope they make a good team"

We remember the negative commotion that surrounded Mass Effect 3's co-op mode all too well, and so we were a little worried about whether or not Dragon Age: Inquisition's newly announced multiplayer would have any effect on the single player story, if only so we didn't have to wade through countless hate-filled forum posts.

Thankfully, in a rather expansive FAQ posted on the official site, it's been confirmed that co-op won't have any impact on the story whatsoever. "Our goal with Dragon Age multiplayer is not to affect your SP campaign," the post reads, adding that "we simply want to give our fans the chance to play with their friends for the first time in the Dragon Age universe." We're glad that's been cleared up, then.

Still, there's no doubt that some fans won't be overjoyed by the thought of someone else joining in on their fantasy fun, but since Mass Effect 3's controversial co-op managed to be so entertaining, we'd recommend at least waiting to see how this turns out. How do you feel about Inquisition's multiplayer? Volunteer to be the healer in the comments section below.

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