Step aside, Far Cry 4

No self-respecting videogame console would be complete without at least a handful of Metal Slug ports to its name, so we're happy to report that Metal Slug 3 will be arriving on all three of Sony's super systems later this year. Recently announced on the PlayStation Blog, the bombastic port will apparently come packed with some fresh new online features.

What's more, developer SNK Playmore is promising the "highest level NEOGEO emulation seen on the PSN yet". In other words, we'll be able to see every single minute pixel of confusion on your face as you realise that you probably already own this game on every other console that you've ever bought. In all seriousness, the sharp shooting classic sounds like a perfect match for Sony's beleaguered portable.

Are you excited to revisit Metal Slug 3, or has the slightly rubbish Mercenary Kings put you off the genre? Throw a grenade in the comments section below.