Punch the baddies, not us!

Sound the good news klaxon: Mega Man X4 and Mega Man X5, both of which originally released on the PSone, are coming to modern consoles this September. The PlayStation 3 and PS Vita will both be getting the much-loved pair in a move that's sure to delight Capcom fans and masochists the world over.

Surprisingly, the release dates, for North America at least, are going to roll around very quickly – Mega Man X4 is slated for the 2nd September, while X5 is due on the 9th.

We never complain about having new stuff to play on Vita, and these titles look perfectly suited to the handheld. Will any of you be picking them up? Run, jump, and shoot your way into the comments section below.

[source capcom-unity.com]