Guilty Gear 1- 670 X376

There's a lot to be said for photorealism in games. At the same time, a truly original and unique art-style can often be just as striking and memorable. Regardless of your stance on the issue, it's hard to deny that these new screenshots of upcoming PS4 fighter Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN are particularly pretty.

Set to launch later in the year, the title returns to the series' 2D fighting style, while still retaining its immediate predecessor's 3D visuals. As you can see in the screenshots, both the character models and the backgrounds are pleasantly detailed, and the switch back to the second dimension certainly hasn't sullied any of the franchise's signature brawling bombast.

Will you be duking it out with your friends and enemies in Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN? Do you prefer stylised graphics, or is realism the only way to go? Duck and weave in the comments section below.

Guilty Gear 2- 670 X376
Guilty Gear 3- 670 X376