Chloe Gun

While we may be seeing a wide variety of episodic story driven titles on PlayStation at the moment – from the critically acclaimed The Walking Dead to the upcoming Tales from the Borderlands – all of them are developed by Telltale Games. A new dog has stepped into the yard, however, with the announcement of Life Is Strange, a new adventure title created by DOTNOD Entertainment, the developer behind last year's overlooked Remember Me. Being published by Square Enix, it will be available digitally for both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 3.

Student Max Caulfield returns back to her [Yes, she is a girl - Ed] hometown after almost five years away. After reuniting with her old friend Chloe, the two of them decide to discover the mystery behind a fellow student's disappearance. However, they have a trick up their sleeves: the ability to rewind time. As such, you'll not only be able to change how the story unfolds, but also the course of history itself – which is pretty heavy stuff for a 20-year-old. Are you dying for a taste of this story driven adventure? Scribble your thoughts in the comments section below.