You'll see some familiar faces in the trailer, too

DriveClub has seen its fair share of delays over the past year, but it's very likely been worth the wait, as Evolution Studios seems more confident about its drop-dead gorgeous game than ever before. With vehicles that we swear look real and slick-looking racing mechanics, we're pretty revved up to play the game for ourselves, and Sony's Gamescom conference has only added a bit more fuel to the hype train with a new trailer that focuses on the title's online portion.

Community development manager Jamie Brayshaw has given an excellent breakdown on the PlayStation Blog of what the new, drool-inducing trailer exactly highlights. As we all know, playing with friends over multiplayer is going to be a major part of what makes DriveClub an engaging, social experience. When you race with others, Brayshaw stresses that it's not only about who wins, but about how players race and what stunts they can pull off as well. Winning surely grants more points and unlockables, but to truly master the game, you should hone every aspect of your driving skills.

In addition, you can create and setup challenges after every race for your friends and other players to beat either together or alone, which increases your chances of earning more rewards as you build up your cache of points. Brayshaw writes that he's sure that you'll be "sparking new friendships and rivalries and giving your challenge the chance to go viral" when you play the game.

What do you think of the progress being made on DriveClub? Are you willing to give this jaw-dropping racing title a test drive once it drops, or are the delays a major concern for you? Start your engines by telling us your opinion on the embedded trailer in the comments section.