"I'm sure we can just talk this out"

Housemarque, the talented team behind PlayStation 4 darling Resogun, officially unveiled its new title at Sony's Gamescom conference today. Dubbed Alienation, the game is a 4 player co-op top-down shooter in the same vein as the developer's previous outing Dead Nation, and will see you fighting off increasingly deadly hordes of alien scum.

As is becoming the trend, no release date was given for the shooter, but we were gifted with the absurdly dramatic trailer embedded below. This is usually the section of the article in which we indulge in a string of particularly heinous puns, but luckily for you, the Finnish studio has beaten us to the punch with this game's clever name. So instead, we're going to sit quietly and think about the impending extra-terrestrial extermination.

Do you like the look of Alienation's violent alien action, or are top-down shooters not for you? Lock 'n' load in the comments section below.

[source vg247.com, via youtube.com]