"Who's been sitting in my chair?"

You can commit plenty of crimes in games these days, but you can get away with them scot-free just by hacking a few traffic lights or getting a paint job on your car. In The Escapists, developed by Mouldy Toof Studios and published by Team 17, you find yourself locked in a high security prison, seeking a way to escape. Announced to be coming to the Xbox One first on consoles, we can assume that it will be making a break for the PlayStation 4 also.

Escaping isn't such an easy feat when guards, fellow inmates, and security cameras have their eye on you around the clock. You will need to micromanage your time efficiently to get fighting fit, conceive a plan, and acquire items to tack together to aid your escape MacGyver style. You need to make sure to cover your tracks so that you're not foiled, but even that can go horribly wrong if a load of dirt clogs up your toilet. As a fan of these types of titles, this stealth sim has us begging for a release date. Are you waiting for it to burst out? Write your comments during visiting hours below.