Scopophobia PS4

There’ll be no time to dry your tears this year, as Polish developer Bloober Team has announced another horror title, which is currently pegged for PC and next-gen systems – presumably including the PlayStation 4. Scopophobia – which is a real world fear pertaining to the idea of being looked at – is billed as an asymmetrical experience in which you’ll play as either Victorian children or fearsome foes known as Basilisks.

A bit like first-person shooter Evolve, in multiplayer, it will be down to the winged enemies to track down the kids and kill them, but the youngsters will obviously be searching for a way to survive – and to turn the tables on their gigantic enemies. The studio’s not delving too deeply into how it will all work, but it sounds like there will be character classes and multiple different maps. In single player, the experience will focus on the children’s perspective.

The game’s due out this year on the PC, with no word on when the next-gen systems will follow. And speaking with IGN, the developer’s Marc Calhoun revealed that it has taken feedback from its previous project Basement Crawl to heart. “When you are making a game and it becomes something that you put a lot of work into every day, you get a vision for what you want it to look like, [but] sometimes it's good to step outside of that and think of what people are asking for,” he said.

Does this sound like your particular bowl of gruel, or are you still cautious considering Bloober Team’s previous output? Let us know in the comments section below.