Another letter to deliver

We think that Tearaway is without a doubt one of the best reasons to go out and swipe up a PlayStation Vita. The visuals are truly unique and gorgeous, the gameplay pushes all of the handheld's features to the max, and the whole tone of the game just has an inescapably lovely charm. Now you can experience that with a more-than-meaningful port of the game to the PlayStation 4: Tearaway Unfolded.

How does a title exclusively designed for the Vita make its way to Sony's next-gen powerhouse? That's just the conundrum that Media Molecule ran into, so it decided to redesign the release around the DualShock 4. Old levels will make their way into the game, but new levels and game mechanics involving the likes of the light bar and touchpad ensure that this isn't your everyday port, especially with far less limits to be met in regards to the hardware.

Tear away at Tearaway Unfolded with a fresh trailer straight out of Gamescom 2014. What do you think of this surprising announcement from Media Molecule? Will you give the game a chance now if you haven't already tried it? If you have, are you willing for another go around? Unwrap your thoughts in the comments section below.