If you're a fan of Japanese visual novels, you've more than likely already heard of World End Economica – a new game by the writer of hit anime series, Spice and Wolf. Having already successfully launched the first part of the trilogy for the PC in the West, Senkai Project is now taking to Kickstarter to raise the money to translate the other segments of the game. Not only will this allow it to finish off the trilogy, but also bring it to other platforms – including the PlayStation Vita, which is less than $8,000 away from its $80,000 stretch goal.

Set in the far future just 16 years after humans have colonized the moon, a young boy named Haru chases his dream of stepping where no man has gone before. However, to do that, he's going to need a lot of cold hard cash to get what he wants. Instead of working a nine-to-five job for the next 30 years, he instead employs his knowledge of the stock markets to gamble his savings. Finances and economics may sound daunting to some and terrifying to others, but judging by what we've seen of Spice and Wolf's market trading adventures, money can in fact be fascinating if given half a chance.

Surprisingly, this won't be the first visual novel to get funded by Kickstarter, as Exogenesis – a Virtue's Last Reward-esque game – also attained its target in May. Do you think that crowdfunding is becoming the way forward for the genre? Gamble it all in the comments section below.

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