Garrus Doctor Who

Doctor Who will always baffle this particular editor. The low-budget BBC sci-fi series is a British institution like James Bond and Bourbon biscuits, but has always prompted a raised eyebrow from this dismissive scribe. Alas, a new trailer for the latest episode in the never-ending property has prompted a similar reaction from fans – as it seemingly stars Garrus of Mass Effect fame.

Of course, much more likely is that it actually rips off BioWare’s dulcet-toned Turian, but with the Doctor Who character remaining unnamed, we suppose that a crossover could be on the cards. Lead writer Steven Moffat better hope that that’s the case anyway, because fans of the PlayStation 3 franchise are already baying for the head honcho’s blood.

To make matters worse, the aforementioned overlord and former frontman Matt Smith are both known to be admirers of EA Games’ brand, having been snapped at Comic-Con last year playing with Commander Shepherd’s somewhat silly Omni-Wrench tool. We’ve included the offending trailer in the space below – it all looks like a load of old tosh to us.