We're feeling all nostalgic

Few could forget the infamous PlayStation Network hack. It was a time of sorrow, solitary gaming, and some serious FUD from major publications. And it’s a story that’s still running to this very day, as Sony has just agreed to settle a $15 million class action lawsuit – which could net you a free game if you were affected by the outage.

According to a legal document, you’ll be able to pick from a selection of old PlayStation 3 or PlayStation Portable titles, including Dead Nation, inFAMOUS, Super Stardust HD, and Rain. There’ll be a total of eight PS3 and six PSP titles to pick from, all of which will be of a comparable quality. Moreover, if you’re in the US and not already a PlayStation Plus subscriber, you’ll be able to opt for three months of free service instead.

That is, of course, if the settlement gets approved by a judge. A decision will need to be made by, er, 1st May 2015, with appeals likely to hold up proceedings even longer. As our friends over at Eurogamer.net point out, that isn’t going to make those free digital downloads look any more appealing, is it?

There’ll be a letter published in various gaming publications and on websites alerting gamers to the spoils, and you’ll need to actually respond if you want to take advantage of them. We don’t know about you, but we haven’t got the energy to fill out a form in order to grab a free copy of Patapon 3 – but hey, we certainly won’t judge anyone that does. More fascinating to us is that over three years after the event, people are still actively banging on about the PSN being down for a few weeks.

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