Twin Souls

Tenchu started the path of old-school stealth action on the original PlayStation, which required you to use your innate ninja abilities to infiltrate your way to assassination targets. While the stealth genre is far from dead with titles such as Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell, and Hitman still running strong, all offer modern day ventures, far from the old school feudal action. Twin Souls: The Path of Shadow revisits this decaying archetype with its Kickstarter campaign, seeking funding for the PlayStation 4.

You play as Aragami, a spirit of vengeance summoned by a mysterious girl imprisoned in a fortress. By saving her from the eternal prison, you'll be given a second chance at life if successful. As is to be expected, it's heavily guarded, and you will need to use your new found shadow powers to either infiltrate as quiet as a mouse or slaughter your enemies like a cunning jackal.

Regardless of your play-style, your abilities will cater to your every need. You'll be able to choose to be stealthy and instantly teleport between shadows, as well as create your own silhouettes to sneak past enemies. For the more trigger happy, you'll be able to suck pesky corpses into the darkness, removing all evidence of your crimes, or clone yourself to distract enemies for the perfect sneak attack. It's a good thing that you have this arsenal at your disposal, as the hero's glowing attire is a walking 'spot me' sign.

The fate of the game, however, stands as uncertain as the Tenchu franchise itself. Currently at approximately $24,000 of its $70,000 base goal, and with only 9 days left, it's uncertain if our spirit will be given a second chance at life. Are you interested in becoming a backer, or are modern settings the future of the genre? Keep your opinions out of sight in the comments section below.