Grand Theft Auto V PS4

The stars of Grand Theft Auto V may not be the most savoury people on the planet, but we’d be lying if we said that we didn’t want to step into their shoes for a day or two. It seems that Spanish filmmaker Zapruder Pictures had a similar temptation to masquerade as Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, too, as it’s put together this impressive short film based on the Rockstar Games release’s debut trailer.

The makers used Madrid as their backdrop rather than Los Angeles – which is the real world city that the fictional Los Santos is based upon – but the results are actually a lot better than you may expect. In fact, while the central Spain skyline isn’t quite as populated as California, the windmill and crop shots are outstanding. The company’s now looking to raise enough money to shoot a Red Dead Redemption fan film, which you can donate to through here.

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