"Yes, I know you've already seen the footage"

Those of you in the press will be well aware of Ubisoft’s outstanding ability to produce press releases on a frighteningly frequent basis. There’s not a day goes by where we don’t get an email from the company at 17:00PM sharp, including some kind of video, image, or minor announcement. Yesterday was no different, as the firm opted to remind us about Far Cry 4’s success at E3 2014 last month.

While we’d normally skip on these sorts of clips, metrics inform as that you’re quite keen on the French firm’s first-person shooter, so we’ve embedded the pointless promotional material below. If you’re interested, the organisation also announced the Kyrat Edition of its soon-to-be sandbox smash, which can be purchased from the Uplay store through here. How many premium packs is that now?

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