Good to be bad

There’s a bit of a ruthless streak about Sony at the minute. The manufacturer appears to realise that it’s converted ex-Xbox 360 owners to its next-gen machine, and so it’s offering a variety of sweeteners in order to aid that transition. The latest of these is the promise that you’ll be able to bring your progress from Diablo III into the upcoming PlayStation 4 version – irrespective of platform.

That means that if you started the game on Microsoft’s previous box, you’ll be able to carry your level and loot over to the Japanese giant’s black behemoth. Naturally, you’ll also be able to transfer PlayStation 3 saves as well. This is all made possible by developer Blizzard’s online service, which presumably pulls data from the cloud. It’s worth mentioning that you’ll only be able to move your characters once, so think carefully.

Will you be taking advantage of this user friendly feature? Bring your beefy barbarian build with you into the comments section below.