Nice and shiny

A couple of titles might have decided to step down from what is shaping up to be an action packed October, but Samurai Warriors 4 is not that kind of game. Indeed, the PlayStation 4 slash-'em-up will be making a feudal fanfare in North America on 21st October, and in Europe on 24th October. This momentous occasion marks the first time the franchise has marched onto western soil in four years.

To celebrate this triumphant return, as well as the tenth anniversary of the series, Koei Tecmo is releasing a super special edition of the new game. Dubbed the Special Anime Pack, the souped up version will include a copy of the Samurai Warriors: Legend of the Sanada anime, a CD soundtrack, and also a slew of DLC. Neat.

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Oh, and if you can currently hear a loud shrieking sound, don't panic too much, as it's just the passionate cries of our very own Warriors fanatic Robert Ramsey. You should probably pester him endlessly about this news in the comments section below. Trust us, it's the right thing to do.

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