Saints Row PS4

Since the success of Saints Row IV on the PlayStation 3, developer Volition has been a little secretive. There were rumours coming out of E3 2014 that publisher Deep Silver was about to announce a new entry in the stupid sandbox series, but that turned out to be the equally ridiculous Dead Island 2. Alas, the aforementioned outfit hasn’t spent the past year or so twiddling its thumbs – and as such, Steelport could very much be making a comeback soon.

Games Industry International reports that the firm has announced plans to boost its workforce by approximately 100 people, meaning that its total staff size by the end of recruitment will rest at an eye-watering 300 employees. The developer’s also planning to renovate its Champaign, Illinois headquarters, and has requested assistance from the government to do so.

Now, we’re certainly not employment aficionados, but if a company’s willing to put its human resources department through the kind of headache outlined above, then we reckon that it must have something pretty big planned. And with the next Grand Theft Auto likely to be some way away, what could possibly be bigger than a brand that takes everything that’s good about a Rockstar game – and sprinkles superpowers on top? Exactly.

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