There are so many supposed ‘industry insiders’ these days that we have to carefully sidestep landmines every day in order to give you the news that we deem to be real, but this little tidbit seeping out of Reddit seems worth the risk. An apparent Sony employee with a very clear desire to sign on at their nearest Job Centre claims that DLNA support will be coming to the PlayStation 4 in early 2015.

Why should we believe them? Well, the moderators on the upvoting site tend to be very good at verifying users for ‘Ask Me Anything’ events, and this particular individual has been given the green light. The poster also claims that MP3 support and a video player will be implemented later in the year, though the language of the post suggests that the person in question doesn’t necessarily have access to a concrete timeframe.

Either way, as these are some of the most requested firmware update features frequently flaunted around the web, we figured that we’d relay the information for you to do as you wish with. As is always the case with these kinds of reports, take everything that you read with a hearty helping of salt; too much of the flavoursome substance may not be recommended as part of a balanced diet, but you can never have enough where rumours are concerned.