Horror games may be dime a dozen right now, but Supermassive Games’ ex-PlayStation 3 exclusive Until Dawn never sounded like your average scare-‘em-up. Taking inspiration from teen movies, the title promised a somewhat frisky affair, where you’d need to use the PlayStation Move controller to remove clothes – and escape from mutilated monsters.

While we haven’t heard anything about the release for years now, the developer insists that the title is still very much in production, prompting speculation that it’s being repurposed for the PlayStation 4 and its Project Morpheus virtual reality headset. And we could be mere weeks away from a re-reveal, as publisher Sony has filed a new trademark for the title.

DualShockers reports that the old listing from 2012 has been abandoned, and replaced by a new one which references “downloadable images in the field of adventure and horror entertainment”. That leads us to believe that the title will now launch as a PlayStation Network exclusive, but given the nature of the industry these days, that doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s been an alteration in the project’s ambition.

Giving the timing of this application, we reckon that the release will probably re-appear at GamesCom next month. We’re eager to see how it’s progressed, because we still reckon that its 'teens in the woods' concept is intriguing. Are you in the market for a little slasher silliness? Get kinky in the comments section below.

[source dualshockers.com]