"That's the last time I share a lift with you"

While it may not be the most appropriate admission for the editor of a PlayStation site, this particular scribe wiled away many hours acting like an utter idiot in Halo 2. Back then, the only real tool for acts of humiliation was the crouch button – but Killzone: Shadow Fall is taking things to the next level with its never-ending stream of spotlight moves.

Available at the end of a multiplayer match, the new ‘Fun and Games’ add-on will allow you to bottom burp in the face of your fallen opponents – and plank on their weary body. “It's all fun and games until someone loses a game,” relays the blurb. “Show your fallen enemies that not everything needs to be taken seriously."

You can pick up the pack for $1.99/£1.69 from the PlayStation Store right now. It’s probably a good thing that the Helghast wear gas masks, as that should save them from the stench of last night's chilli tikka. And yes, before you ask, it is a slow news day.

[source computerandvideogames.com]