Omega Quintet

As far as this editor’s concerned, there simply aren’t enough games starring pop bands with superpowers, so Compile Heart’s impending PlayStation 4 exclusive Omega Quintet sounds like a real breath of fresh air. Combining both the idol simulation and Japanese role-playing game genres, you’ll play as Takuto, the manger of the Verse Maidens, a poorly named girl group that use their love of music to off the ‘Beep’, an evil entity with an even worse alias.

Coming from the same studio as rub-a-dub release Monster Monpiece, the title features a ‘costume destruction’ mechanic, which will see the clothes ripped straight off its female characters’ bodies should they take too much damage. There’s a six minute trailer below which shows various motion captured dance sessions and much more silliness than we have the energy to convey. Are you looking forward to this? Pull some shapes in the comments section below.

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