That's just Sony springing a trap

Sony’s no stranger to winning console comparison contests these days – and the PlayStation 4 has once again put a bullet in its closest competitor, the Xbox One. The visual wizards over at Digital Foundry report that the Japanese giant’s next-gen console provides the best home for long-distance shooter Sniper Elite III – assuming that you don’t have a PC.

Among its list of accolades, the PS4 version boasts a sturdier framerate, significantly less screen tearing, and greater detail at distance. As you’d expect, however, while Sony’s system almost matches the computer-based edition, it does fall short – especially once you crank up the latter’s limitless specifications. Not necessarily a fair fight that, though.

You can peruse the differences between consoles courtesy of the side-by-side video embedded below. Remember, while we encourage healthy debate in these comparison threads, let’s keep any discourse as amicable as possible – after all, we don’t want World War III breaking out over what’s essentially a fancy game of spot the difference.