"That moon is the feast of our worries!"

It has recently been announced by developer Klei Entertainment that Don't Starve – the game with a title that is both descriptive, and also just really good life advice – will be receiving its new DLC next week. The Reign of the Giants content will be releasing in North America on 22nd July, and in Europe on 23rd July. Not long to wait, then.

The pack contains two playable characters, new biomes, an extra save slot, as well as several other goodies that franchise fans will likely be excited to devour. Oh, and giants. Obviously. What's more, a patch has been released which includes bug fixes, and a plethora of features that were previously only available on the PC.

Did you enjoy feasting on Don't Starve when it released a few months back? Will you be picking up this DLC, or is your hunger completely satiated? Scrounge for scraps in the comments section below.

[source computerandvideogames.com]