At least she's protecting her eyes

When dealing with violent zombie hordes, we’d probably want to keep our flesh covered up. Appropriate clothing is not a phrase that exists in OneChanbara Z2: Chaos’ lexicon, however, as the upcoming PlayStation 4 undead-a-thon will see you attempting to save the world in little other than a bikini top and a thong. It’s a premise that should help to improve the sales of Sony’s next-gen system in its native Japan at least.

This franchise actually started life on the PlayStation 2, but enjoyed a six year hiatus from Sony's home consoles up until last year’s OneChanbara Z: Kagura. As with previous entries, you’ll be able to switch between underdressed characters during battle, and will also be able to team up with your fantastical friends for saucy special attacks. It'll be the first entry in the series to run at 60 frames-per-second in 1080p, so you’ll be able to admire every bosom jiggle as it was originally intended.

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If that’s not enough excitement for you, a new ‘Quick Time Skill’ mechanic will see the DualShock 4’s touchpad employed against boss enemies. The title’s due out in October in Japan, with a Western release certainly possible somewhere down the line. Is your pulse racing over the prospect of this brawler, or has this announcement left you feeling cold like a lifeless corpse? Describe your most inappropriate zombie slaying attire in the comments section below.