You won’t be playing the next Mass Effect title for some time, as BioWare has revealed that its upcoming intergalactic adventure is still years away. The snippet was supposedly stated during a San Diego Comic-Con panel overnight, which was attended by Phil Hornshaw from GameFront. Apparently, while the plot will not revolve around Commander Shepard, the game’s hero will have some form of association with the N7 special forces unit.

Despite promising a look at the development of the new game, the panel hardly delivered anything of interest. Andrea Rene of The Escapist managed to nab a few shots of “your hero”, hinting at the levels of customisation that you can expect in the full game. It also seems that the Mako – the speedy land vehicle featured most prominently in the original Mass Effect – will put in an appearance in the sequel. Judging by the language used in the presentation, it seems that you’ll be able to make this your own as well.

However, don’t get too excited yet, as the group of onstage employees stressed that things are likely to change between now and the game’s eventual release. Our takeaway: this is still a long way away.

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