"It better have good box art"

In the words of William Wallace: "They may take our lives, but they'll never take our Freedom Wars physical copies!" Indeed, after a few weeks of petitioning, Sony has finally decided that PlayStation Vita JRPG Freedom Wars will be getting a full retail release in Europe. The title was unpopularly planned to be a digital only title, so this new boxed version will likely make fans quite chuffed.

"You’ve let us know here on the PlayStation Blog, on forums, and on social media that you really wanted to see a full title card release for the game," SCEE blog manager Fred Dutton stated. "And we’ve been listening. Duly, today I’m happy to confirm that Freedom Wars will now be made available as a full physical edition."

This attitude of consistently listening to fan feedback, and then making the relevant and appropriate changes is without a doubt our favourite policy that the Japanese giant has adopted in recent years. And this news is just another example of how this strategy goes a long way in currying favour with gamers.

Are you excited to pick up the physical release of Freedom Wars for the Vita? Were you one of the people begging Sony to release the game properly? Fight for your freedom in the comments section below.

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