"Would you like a sequel, Knack?"

PlayStation 4 exclusive Knack was easily the worst received of the next-gen console’s launch titles, securing a string of low scores around the web. However, it also attained a lot of press in the build up to release, primarily due to its ties to hardware architect – and industry legend – Mark Cerny. Alas, given the poor reception to the original, could a sequel ever actually happen?

“I would love to keep working with the [Knack] brand, definitely,” the abovementioned veteran stressed in an interview with IGN at Develop 2014 in Brighton this week. “There’s a lot unexplored there, I think that anybody who played the game would tell you that.” Unfortunately for fans, Cerny added that a follow up is unlikely to occur for a while yet.

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“One of the projects that I’m trying to kick off is a so-called 'indie title',” he beamed when asked what he’s up to next. “It won’t really be an indie title because it’ll be fully funded, but it’ll be nice to have a project where the scope is small enough that I’ll know the names of everybody on the team, which is really hard to do these days.”

He continued: “Another nice thing about that kind of game is that you get to have a concept that’s out there, you don’t have to… I mean, it’s always a crapshoot. With the big titles you have to think very carefully about what you’re trying to accomplish and how that will integrate with the existing market, but so much about the smaller titles is excitement and freshness.”

Of course, while Cerny may be delving back into game development, we suspect that he’ll also have his mind on the PS4’s successor at the same time. Given the success of the recently released format, we can’t see the platform holder messing with a winning formula, so we suspect that he’ll be joining Andrew House and Shuhei Yoshida to talk about what’s next in the not too distant future.

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