Behind closed door presentations are not uncommon in this industry, but they’re especially odd when fans are invited to them. One would assume that if a game is ready to be shown to the public – albeit a hardcore subset – then that footage should be uploaded to the web, but Bethesda has put a BFG to the head of anyone attempting to record DOOM’s presentation at QuakeCon this week.

First and foremost, some top-line details: it doesn’t have a number, strap line, or subheading. It seems that legendary developer id Software is going back to basics with its impending first-person shooter, and that reflects in every area of its production – including its name. Indeed, this is a complete series reboot, rather than a sequel to the disappointing DOOM 3.

So, does it look any good? Apparently, yes. Naturally, it’s powered by proprietary engine id Tech 6, an upgraded version of the technology most recently employed in historical shooter Wolfenstein: The New Order. Unsurprisingly, it will run at 60 frames-per-second in 1080p, and will play extremely quickly – don’t expect any of that cover malarkey that’s so common these days.

Furthering its old-school inspirations, there’ll be no regenerating health, and you’ll be able to carry as many weapons as you like; to switch firearms, you’ll need to use a weapon wheel a la Ratchet & Clank. And what guns will you be able to wield in order to dispatch the spawn of Satan? Shotguns, pulse rifles, and rocket launchers will all return. Oh, and chainsaws, too.

Apparently, it’s quite brutal as well – there’ll be contextual death animations similar to Dead Space should you peg it in front of a particularly aggressive monster. Alas, the game didn’t always look like this, as it was rebooted midway through development in order to reach its current guise. It certainly sounds promising on paper, but without any footage, we’re not getting too excited yet.

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