Alien Isolation Pre Order

You can't really turn your nose up at free stuff for bothering to pre-order a title that you know that you're going to buy anyway. As such, when Alien: Isolation dropped the bomb that you'll be able relive the events of the original 80s horror classic as the crew of the USS Nostromo yesterday in the form of pre-order content, fans were ecstatic, eagerly awaiting to splash their cash. However, it seems that the grim reality is far scarier than what lurks in the shadows.

Specialist UK retailer GAME listed the title with pre-order content today, but sadly the pricing isn't a glitch. In order to unlock this special piece of movie history, you'll need to shell out an extra £10 ($17) for the supposedly free content. While it's common to release DLC missions as part of Special Editions, this so-called pre-order bonus seems particularly shady because it's never been framed as a premium purchase.

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Are you excited to finally play as Ellen Ripley, or are you disappointed that you need to cough up additional funds to do so? Express your horror in the comments section below.

Update: Seeing as this story is more confusing than standard deviation, there may actually be a little more to this than meets the eye. GAME is currently selling the 'Ripley Edition' of Alien: Isolation for a premium price point, which includes the 'Crew Expendables' and 'Last Survivor' expansions. Both allow you to play as Ellen Ripley, though it appears that only the former – as part of the 'Nostromo Edition' – is available with pre-orders at retailers other than GAME. As such, you'll need to pay a premium to nab both packs – or settle for the one elsewhere. We'll update again if we learn any more.

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