How did this happen?

Watch Dogs is a game that takes itself far too seriously at times – but considering its scale, it still finds room to squeeze in the odd Easter egg or two. Of the various secrets uncovered so far, this one has definitely swam away with our heart, as it shows an ornamental trout rapping about what it’s like to be a fish in Chicago. You might not want to play this one at school or work, because there is some pretty nasty language in the clip.

For those not old enough to remember the Big Mouth Billy Bass craze from a few years back, this is definitely a parody of that. For some reason, the animatronic items were extremely popular in the early 2000s, and came in a variety of different guises and themes. Why has Ubisoft decided to bring the fishy plaques back? We’ve no idea, but we suppose that any fin is possible in a world all about supercharged smartphones.

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