A view from the eyes of the gang's latest victim

Grand Theft Auto V certainly doesn't have the best shooting mechanics that we've seen in a game, but perhaps a first-person view would make its gunplay more appealing.

If this has been a thought that's crossed your mind more than once, you'll be happy to hear that modder and YouTuber XBLToothPik has crafted a script that allows for some first-person action on the Xbox 360 version of the release. Those that have put hundreds of hours into the sandbox romp will no doubt find the footage a little disorientating, but it definitely provides an interesting perspective, and we dare say it works relatively well. It's interesting to see how a different camera angle can change the feel of a game, but is this something you wouldn't mind trying? Are you a fan of titles like The Elder Scrolls which allow you to explore the environment from the eyes of your character? Stop and stare at the comments section below.

[source joystiq.com, via eurogamer.net]