"Annoy me, and I'll hack your save file again"

Ubisoft has released a fix for encrypted Watch Dogs save data which previously prevented unlucky players from loading the game. The patch – available now on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 – reconstructs any corrupted save files afflicted by the bug, but may still leave you with "unrecoverable collectible items". If you’d almost got the Platinum Trophy, you have our permission to punch a nearby wall.

Other improvements include solutions to a number of mission breaking bugs, while the developer has overhauled some connection and session joining issues which previously plagued the open world escapade’s online component. We’ve included the full list of patch notes below for your reading pleasure. Remember that if you leave your PS4 in standby mode, you won’t even need to wait for this to download and install. Next-gen, huh?

Watch Dogs PS4 Patch

Major game fixes

  • Automatically reconstructed corrupted save files which prevented loading to go further than 90%. Some collectibles may remain unrecoverable.
  • Fixed the issue preventing players from using hacks in game.

Gameplay fixes

  • Fixed several mission-breaking bugs.
  • Fixed minor mission and item-related issues.
  • Fixed the issue that caused the empty weapon-wheel.

Multiplayer fixes

  • Fixed several minor respawn issues.
  • Fixed some connection and session joining issues.

[source eurogamer.net]