Such sales, much money

Watch Dogs has amplified the PlayStation 4’s already strong sales signal, prompting a 94 per cent increase in hardware sales in the UK. Chart-Track reports that the title’s British bundle, in addition to exclusive content, helped the ambitious open world to perform best on Sony’s next-gen platform. Unfortunately, without specific numbers, these statistics are a teensy bit meaningless.

Nevertheless, we do know that Aiden Pearce’s inaugural escapade smashed L.A. Noire’s new intellectual property launch record by 58 per cent, making it the fastest selling first entry in a fresh franchise of all time. In fact, the game has actually attained the 17th largest first week ever on these shores, and scored a new personal best for publisher Ubisoft, beating Assassin’s Creed III’s debut by 17 per cent.

All of this means that we’ll almost certainly be hearing more from the hacking franchise in the very near future. Can the French firm’s enormous development teams prepare a sequel in time for 2015? We’re going to say that it’s unlikely, but never count out this company and its seeming ability to build colossal adventures in dizzyingly compressed time frames.