The Swapper

Our wallets love cross-buy titles. Not only can you play them on the go, but if you have yet to make the transition to the PlayStation 4, you won't find yourself having to shell out a few months later. We suppose that there's always a worry that the next-gen version may have been downgraded to meet its less powerful siblings, but the opposite is true for upcoming space puzzler The Swapper. Set to release on 5th August in North America and 6th August in Europe, it has seen a delay from its initial June release in order to get the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions up to scratch.

Regardless of your platform of choice, the title's atmosphere will be encapsulated perfectly as you run around with a strange device making clones of yourself in order to solve puzzles. “The Swapper is our first indie title to really push the limits of the PlayStation 3 and Vita,” stated Curve Digital managing director Jason Perkins. “We've been able to really throw the power of the PS4 at the game, but we also want to ensure that when the game comes out, it looks great and runs well." Do you appreciate the effort made to try and match the PS4's standards, or do you not mind as long as it doesn't look like something that you've scrapped off your shoe? Duplicate your comments below.