Greatness tunes in

The PlayStation 4 is selling like hotcakes – this much we know. However, a much more interesting discussion can be had around how the console has managed to maintain this market dominance. Some argue that the PS4's lower price point has been instrumental in its success, while others point to the platform holder's welcoming treatment of the indie community.

But if neither of these explanations has you convinced, perhaps this new one will. According to research firm iSpot, the Japanese giant has been spending a significantly larger sum on TV advertising in the USA than Microsoft. Indeed, Sony dropped $59 million on commercials through the end of May this year, while the green giant only forked out $34.7 million. Splutter.

So, for our readers stationed in the USA, which of the two major consoles gets more commercial time in your neck of the woods? And more broadly, do you even take notice of television advertisements anymore? Tune in to the comments section below.